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tv   Headline News  RT  April 23, 2013 11:00am-11:29am EDT

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terror group so u.s. officials have revealed after investigators interrogated the surviving suspect. in hospital. has details from boston official complaints in the presence of a judge and a lawyer have been filed against nineteen year old boston bombing suspect just hearts or nine of this took place at his hospital bed here in boston where he has been kept under strict guard ever since his arrest friday evening we do know of course that he suffered several serious injuries and was unable to speak for this entire time sunday evening he finally awoke and was able to answer several questions and writing and finally today he was conscious and able to react to the charges being brought against him at his hospital bed these charges of course include the use of weapons of mass destruction as well as the malicious destruction of property resulting in death now the penalty that's her knife is now dead facing
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as a death penalty or any term of years behind bars including life he's also facing a fine of up to two hundred fifty thousand dollars throughout this brief encounter with the judge we do know that mostly her knife was. nodding and offer mation of hearing what he was being told he only spoke once when asked whether or not he's able to afford a lawyer and he said no so legal counsel is going to be presented to him. despite being of chechen origin the alleged bombers spend almost half of their lives in america after their parents applied for asylum but were both were visitors to russia and this didn't stop moscow though from warning the f.b.i. over the possible terror intentions of the eldest brother no two years ago questions are now being raised why the f.b.i. failed to take proper action and sought to use a gun a teacher can report. as the dust settles in the wake of boston bombings the question many ask is why and how could u.s.
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federal authorities fail to act on the valuable intelligence from two years ago stating that the middle of was radicalized dangerous and quote prepared to join unspecified underground groups that's the information the f.b.i. says they received from the russian government so two years ago the f.b.i. interviewed the guy and reported back to the russians that they found nothing suspicious since then they've apparently failed to monitor the middleman because if they have they probably discovered his you tube page under his own name by the way full of radical content with a play list titled terrorists so you have intelligence from a foreign government you have the individual openly sharing radical content and yet somehow he's off the radar the fear is the reason the f.b.i. dropped the ball on the alleged russian intelligence is that they treated it as soley russia's problem they may have taken the marlins chechen background into consideration and they may have ended up looking at this individual from a more political rather than purely law enforcement point of view this is possible
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given the history of all the requests and pleas that russia has made in the past with regards to a number of individuals from north caucasus accused of heinous crimes particularly those of chechen background one example ileus ahmad of who was known as the right hand of the internationally recognized chechen terrorists. just a quick reminder of who was he was killed in two thousand and six. record as a chechen militant leader included in one thousand nine hundred ninety five he and his gang attacked the city of blue john of took up to one thousand eight hundred residents of that city hostage in a hospital including one hundred fifty children at least one hundred forty people died as a result of that attack also as he gained power in the region stated his objective to have all muslim regions in russia break away from the country it was basically a call to start a war on all fronts among his other heinous acts that was to. school hostage crisis in this line in two thousand and four terror that russia will never forget it left
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sui hundred and thirty four people dead one hundred eighty six of them children so the right hand of this monster who helped stage all this whore ilia off modify arrives in the u.s. somewhere around the year two thousand settles down in boston by the way and receives political asylum despite russia's pleas to treat him as a clerk criminal at the beginning us federal authorities appealed the boston course decision on granting him asylum then they withdrew their opposition after a number of political heavyweights in the us tuned in to support the chechen militants including former sector of state albright so when questioning u.s. federal authorities reaction to the alleged russian intel on the middle ansara knives it is important to keep in mind the mindset perpetuated in the u.s. for many years in favor of the militants in russia and against the russian government's actions to stop them in new york city's former mayor rudy giuliani spoke to the confusion that many americans had as they learned about the background of these hard i have brothers the chechen revolution against russia is an islamic
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based revolution they wanted islamic state in russia. not inherently anti-american right anti russian. american i mean and in fact here's the odd part of this if anything we've been i'm not going to say sympathetic with them but we've certainly been critical of and how far he's gone in dealing with. so if anything they should they shouldn't have this anger at the united states so given all this maybe maybe this political mindset has prompted authorities in the u.s. to drop the ball on valuable law enforcement intelligence on top of. now the caucasus descent of the suspects prompted the u.s. media to shift focus to armed groups in chechnya and establish a russian connection to the case a bit earlier in the program here on our map clemence a regional manager at the i.h.s. information company an expert on european and former soviet countries he says the
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alleged boston bombers are most likely to have been radicalized outside of russia the church a nationality or ethnicity of the prime suspects is actually somewhat misleading for instance they have not actually lived in russia for the last ten years but actual time they spent in the north caucasus appears to be relatively small and there's some disagreement about that and i actually think the most likely outcome is that these guys are probably going to be self radicalized rather than having direct links to militants in the north caucasus there are no number of reasons in which people become radicalized details surrounding time alone in his younger brother are somewhat sketchy at the moment so to go into too much detail would be to speculate too far however that does seem to be some signs around the older brother tamerlan in particular to suggest that he was struggling to adapt to life in the united states which is a sign of previous people who become radicalized in this sort of a way indeed this kind of disengagement with society can often lead people to look
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for alternative sources and indeed radical islam can be one of those kind of factors which people can turn to is that as a means to sort of direct their lives. as always here at r.t. we are interested in what you think of the stories we're covering particularly this one today at r.t. dot com we're asking you a few of you on how you think the boston bombing investigation will unfold just log on to our web site vote on. fears for the lives of more than a half of the hunger striking guantanamo bay prisoners are finally being shared by u.s. authorities and the military is sending additional medical personnel to the camp where a growing number of inmates are refusing food in protest over mistreatment and indefinite detention dr steven is an arc is the retired army medical corps officer and a former senior advisor to the defense department he says it might not be long before the strike turns lethal. typically people get very sick after
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about fifty days in which they've not had any food but are taking water so they may be getting very sick and i think there's a fear that a number may die within the next several weeks but all the world medical associations are categorically and ethically against force feeding the reason being is that it in fact disrupts what is most important which is establishing a constructive relationship were poor with the hunger strikers and being able to discuss the terms of their protest the this is a they if they have it also. really overrides their autonomy which is very important in medicine we except that is one of our ethical principles so that by and large most organizations across the world feel that it is not acceptable and in this particular case what it does not help resolve their grievances and help
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resolve the conflict that we're having between the detainees and the authorities. and the alleged violations of a prisoner rights of one ton of just one aspect the u.s. has been scolded for though by china a lot of us are annoyed see we take a detailed look at what else beijing is good in its report criticizing washington's human rights record at home and abroad. and a sunni protest the camp raid by the heavy iraqi police killed twenty six people it's violence escalates in the deeply divided country. the public storm is gathering in britain with coals on the u.k. government to offer asylum to hundreds of afghan interpreters who worked with the country's forces during its military operation and they are being left behind as the army withdrawals to face the wrath of the taliban and view them as enemy collaborators he's going to follow this report. it was
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a dangerous job that required courage many of these translators are working on the front line so they're working with soldiers risking their lives in exactly the same way soldiers do but while british forces withdraw the afghan interpreters who made their work possible are being left to fend for themselves is it your job or. should those be. where you are all sent for those you have to be if i catch you then i would rafi worked at camp prince in the helmand province says he gets regular calls from the taliban some six hundred fifty interpreters just like rafi remain in afghanistan with no right to settle in the u.k. those times when you when you finish the job and you've done it very well there's a thank you at the end of that job in this case it's a death threat it's a risk your life but seen by this how about this having collaborated with the enemy and david the past year targeted killings of so-called international collaborators
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by the taliban have doubled r.t. got in touch with the foreign and commonwealth office who are responsible for the interpreters asylum claims this is the response we've got people who have put their life on the mine for the united kingdom will not be abandoned the government has put processes in place to ensure the service given by former interpreters with a term forces is taken fully into account if individuals apply for asylum in the u k. the keyword here is individual for the moment it's a case by case basis according to the foreign office to make sure the personal circumstances are recognised case by case the sign of claims can take months even years there's no accountability every other nato country that directly employed interpreters has offered them some kind of special program visa program asylum britain's the only country that hasn't still dragging its feet on this we will be involved in events overseas in the future of our military clearly will lead to our
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people helping them but who is going to help our military if they realise that they're not going to help themselves senior military and political figures that urging the people who work here in the u.k. foreign office to rethink the policy and campaigns gaining momentum over sixty thousand people have signed an online petition urging the british foreign secretary to offer a bulk resettlement program while the politicians think it over and here the men that risked their lives to help british forces say that the waiting game is getting deadlier by the day we were helping the people but all they see is that reward with the aggression forces in afghanistan which are so-called the nato forces or ice or forces but to every other of the national. aggression forces and once they leave. the people who be endangered and will pay for the some
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wrongdoings of the americans who are going to choose and their families. london. and i back with more news after a very short break. the
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international landlord in the very heart of moscow. live from moscow this is art see i'm rory sushi thank you for joining us today they're human rights a become the latest battleground for china to challenge the u.s. in addition to trade economy and regional military supremacies beijing has slammed washington's approach to people's freedoms this in its own report released on the heels of an american one at the infringement of rights of broad increased
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electronic surveillance and a spike in gun violence are just some of the issues china has criticized america for. as more after years of swallowing accusations of violating human rights beijing is fighting back after last year the us published its scalding human rights practices report now china held a mirror back to washington and its role of international human rights judge. let's take a look at where the two clash the u.s. again accuse china of limiting internet freedoms the so-called great firewall of china where beijing has long being under scrutiny for blocking many western websites such as facebook google and you tube but those criticizing china are no saints the sounding people and cispa bills to control internet data have made waves across the atlantic lately and the u.s. government approved interception of private text messages and e-mails for security needs are hardly contributing to online freedom china's single party political
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system and lack of democratic elections also came under fire the chinese report made its wife back at america's multi-party system saying that in what seems to be a democratic process it's really not the people that the amount of money spent on combines which really decides the winner is the largest part of the us report was dedicated to human rights as they are today from harsh labor conditions to poor salaries indeed china's status of being the world's factory is nothing new and the cheap labor force concept has long been debated beijing hit back with a scathing claim that in the country where racism and discrimination officially do not exist after american and hispanic employees earn forty percent less than the white population in the united states and that's through the glass ceiling for women who earn a twenty percent smaller salary than men the us report also lashed out at the treatment of prisoners and members of opposition in china contrast that with a country which runs notorious guantanamo prison and the allegations of multiple human rights abuses within its walls with china highlighting full statistics on all
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deaths in u.s. prisons and the use of brutal force against peaceful demonstrators in twenty twelve it is no secret that china has a checkered human rights record but by countering the claims of those who it believes should get its own house in order it is quite clear that beijing no longer wants to see a monopoly in the market of examining human rights. reporting there and in the meantime eric draitser an analyst at a stop in periods of dot com he says despite china undoubtedly having a dire record of human rights itself it does have a point in showing the world the us is in no position to lecture others. for the united states to talk about human rights it's incredible hypocrisy when you have a massive hunger strike going on in the concentration camp known as guantanamo when the united states is engaged in violating the human rights of the people of libya of the people of syria of countless other nations around the world the chinese
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certainly have a lot to answer for for in terms of their own human rights record but we should also remember too that the it is the and it states which monopolizes control of international institutions such as amnesty international human rights watch doctors without borders and so forth which act as the arbiters of human rights sitting in judgment of countries whether they are or not violators i'm not suggesting that there aren't good people who work within some of these organizations or that the organizations themselves don't sometimes do good work but often are the united states determines to be human rights violation is whatever the united states does is not a human rights violation. and now north korea is making its own response to the u.s. human rights report promising to bolster its nuclear program and the country is now reportedly seeking international recognition as a nuclear state and the u.s. has played on disarmament issues as a condition for talks with pyongyang so official newspaper says that if indeed
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negotiations were to happen they will happen between equals. nations james colbert of the japan based news website says that north korea is just trying to highlight western hypocrisy. the question is whether or not that anyone has the right to say whether or not they are allowed to be a part of this exclusive club i think what we have to understand right now is that north korea is calling out these other nations on the nuclear hypocrisy that's been hardwired into international relations for a long time now and if you look at the actual statement that was made they said for example our position is clear never dream of denuclearization on the korean peninsula before denuclearization of the world is realized this really has to be seen as a poke in the eye at the community that assembled in seoul last year at the nuclear security summit in two thousand and twelve to talk about denuclearization of the world but of course that was directed specifically at countries like north korea and iran which weren't invited to the summit so i think this has to be seen as
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calling those nations out on the hypocrisy. what you not see at a manhunt continues and west in russia as this as a police sweep several regions offer a gunman flees a crime scene leaving six people dead and then disappears into thin air more details on that about some. also online for you for who she was crippled nuclear power plant will need more than three decades to close the site apparently times are already running out for tokyo to complete the work those details also on our website. all right i just a moment on the world update here on r.t. finale throw at least twenty six have been killed in iraq as they gathered to vent
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their anger at the cher led government ahead of the publication of the local election results. in iraq for us. the troops. say that they will simply. find. thousands of. jobs and. anti-terrorism laws that have been.
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lost in. violence. because. they're. very much. now. jim brown of the stop the war coalition he told me of the ongoing violence is simply an extension of the devastating. the level of violence has never. gone back to what it was ten years ago after the war and talking about it's never return to that there's been terrible periods of around two thousand and six and
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against that things are much better but otherwise the level of violence is constant it's all clearly a consequence of the invasion ten years ago these things the the level of sectarian violence for example has no history like that in iraq whatever the situation was like in iraq before two thousand and three the fact is that we have an unprecedented situation today and the single cause of that is the war and the occupation and these are these are the remnants of it. there was no process there was no iraqi process for example if you look at libya you find that the libyans did not decide the future of libya it was outside military intervention and what you have is extreme instability and so on and that's a parallel with iraq. or libya opens up the r.t. world updated where two guards of the french embassy there injured in an early
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morning car bombing an explosive laden vehicle detonated in a side street causing massive damage to the embassy a french president francois called on libya to act swiftly it's the first attack on a diplomatic residence in the capital since colonel gadhafi regime was overthrown in two thousand and eleven or they were last year the u.s. ambassador to the country was killed in an ambush in the consulate in benghazi. tehran has strongly denied any links to two men canadian police claim of plotting to conduct a terror attack on a train into wrong can any authority say two males who are currently under arrest have links to al qaeda groups operating on iranian soil kind of broke its diplomatic links to terror ron last september of a several issues saying cluing iran's disputed nuclear program and its hostility towards its way. just a moment it is i'll be martin and breaking the set here on our say thank you for watching.
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the movie world war z z being for zombie which stars brad pitt as one hundred seventy five million dollar budget has been recalled by paramount executives not because this is probably yet another stupid violent zombie movie but because the chinese might get offended according to the wrap dot com china was supposed to take the blame for starting the evil zombie apocalypse this time but china becoming the largest foreign market for american movies made artistic integrity fly out the window to protect the bottom dollar as is tradition and hollywood this is not the first time that there has been pro-choice censorship in hollywood the remake of red dawn which was originally a cold war era a minstrel show against russians was supposed to show
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a chinese invasion of america this time however they have changed it to north koreans who can't even defeat the us military in south korea let alone at an away game in the usa the thing that is interesting is not the censorship is the fact that they will censor movies for whoever's got a lot of cash countries the big markets won't be offended but countries with small markets will this is a complete prostitute mentality show that love to any guy who's got bills in his paw. all you know i was always pretty sure there were a lot of prostitutes working in hollywood i didn't know they actually started making the movies but that's just my opinion.
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about international and world in the very heart of moscow. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck i got so many i mean. the towns that i've seen really messed up. and we're all very so personally apologize and. worse cheaper to live in the white house to have a. radio guy and for a minute from a kick off if i want to watch close to good you've never seen anything like this i'm told.
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the tough guys i'm having martin and this is breaking the sat so yesterday i woke up to this disturbing headline survey of koch brothers turning focus to newspapers yep the billionaire brothers charles and david koch are looking to expand their corporate dynasty and this time they're targeting the media that's right koch industries and seriously exploring a bid to buy the tribune companies eight read. for the l.a. times or the chicago tribune and for those of you who are worried about those images remind you that these two men are the same two men set up to benefit from a controversial keystone pipeline and they're the same two men who have used their cronyism to influence supreme court justices ultimately securing the ruling that made it possible for their companies to for the good an insane amount of money into politics and now these two men could be buying up the news that we depend on for the facts and polluting it with their ideology let's hope that doesn't happen.